The meaning behind the meeting…

Meanwhile, behind the facade of this innocent looking bookstore… Take a deep back step on over to my corner may you…

Watch for Falling Bears is a melting pot of minds concerning a range of differing thoughts and views on every topic from music, entertainment, how-to’s, culinary, chemistry, comic books, religion, politics, art and photography.

The return of ‘Bears’ should bring a little excitement, noise, laughter and presence for anyone looking around the room going, “hmmnn…. what should I do today?” Don’t go play outside. It’s just too hot in the Belly of the Golden Triangle, Texas style.

Drop on in to the bears and see what’s brewing and as always, thanks for peeling back your eyelids and raising that blood pressure with us today.


Follow the white wabbit…

  1. Aqua Sac says:

    The return of the Bear brings meaning to my life. Sure, I have kids and soon-to-be wife and an occasional acid flashback, but this really nips my nuggets.

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