Racism the Key to Reelection? No Way.. Gawww…

Posted: September 27, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

Racism in America. It’s anywhere you look, actually. But not the racism you are thinking of.

Let me define the word:



1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.


The majority of Americans would probably relate the word to definition 3. People instantly think HATE when they hear the word racism, and that will doubtfully change.

The word discrimination jolts out at me the most, which is in definition 2.



1. treating people differently through prejudice: unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender

2. ability to notice and value quality: the ability to appreciate good quality or taste

3. awareness of subtle differentiation: the ability to notice subtle differences


Given definition 2, I’d say I definitely discriminate coffee. Just sayin’. People discriminate on just about everything each day, but they don’t realize it, and surely don’t see it as a link to racism unless pointed out. The WHITE verses BLACK civil war that has been brewing, especially in the last year, has had me really curious about not only what the outcome will be, but who has been steering the ship. The answer on the boat captain isn’t exactly an easy answer, unfortunately. Sure it’s easy to say, well it wasn’t like this before we elected a half-black president, but in reality it was, and has been brewing for decades. Though President Obama becoming recently unpopular and facing an unforeseeable golden ticket to a second term has created a more noticeable rift in the “let’s all hold hands after 9/11” mentality, I still can’t put the blame all on him. We will get to this point later.


In a nutshell, I’m amused by how much the media and entertainment masterminds focus so hard on ‘equal rights’ and damning ‘white America’, yet at the same time market mostly to whites. Think about it, very few commercials or popular movies/tv shows are minority friendly. McDonalds and Popeye’s Chicken have been the leaders at bringing in more diversity to their advertising, but very few have followed. There are now more minority characters in cartoons, tv shows and movies than before but is it equal enough for someone not to feel the need to discriminate against  or cry racism? No. There will not be, either. Channels like BET, primarily focused on Black entertainment, Black award shows, Black pageants, black scholarships and even the black congressional congress are not correcting this problem, they are simply alienating a race. Should there be a Black National Football League? No because there is a majority of black players in the NFL already. So should there be a White National Football League then to counterbalance the majority of blacks in the NFL? Only if the mindset of alienating a race is logical, and it’s not. People of all races come together and root on multicultural teams in all professional sports. Even golf, a predominately white sport. Tiger Woods, before he got caught being a naughty boy, was a hero and still is to so many races that are fans of golf.


So why, when it comes to politics, are people that supported our president 3 years ago suddenly running like Swamp Thing is chasing them down and no longer rooting him on in multicultural cheer? One answer, disappointment. Disappointment for what ‘should’ have been an amazing accomplishment for blacks and whites in our amazing nation. The first half-black/half-white American president. This should have been as popular as Tiger Woods in golf, correct? Well what happened to Tiger once everyone’s eyes were opened to what was going on behind the scenes? Disappointment. It was an O.J. Simpson-lite situation. When a hero becomes human, it never ends well. Just look at Superman II, but at least there, he became a super hero once again and saved the day. Is Tiger Woods capable of this? Yes. He can put the past behind him and go out on the golf course and jam on the one, fixing his legacy. So can our president do the same thing? He should be able to, but the reality is, he’s showing everyone he’s not going to. I’ll touch on this in a minute.


This is the reason the Republicans are so against anything he says. I don’t agree with the Republicans refusal to be more ‘agreeable’ to get some things moving for our country, but in essence I look at it like this. If your child is bad, you punish them. And any adult knows that sometimes, punishing your child also punishes yourself. Take a planned vacation for example. If your kid does something really bad before the vacation, they should be punished. And sometimes, if it’s bad enough, that means the vacation should be canceled to prove a point to the child that they screwed up and have to learn. You don’t punish your kid for doing bad from the television but still let them have video games and computer time, do you? Well I see the Republicans taking the same thought process here. Unless they can get the president and the Senate to agree to fixing the things that are crippling America, then they are completely punishing him until his eyes are opened. The same thing happened to Bush his last 2 years.


Back to my earlier point about President Obama not showing everyone he’s willing to swallow pride, set his agenda aside and do for the country’s good and not his own. Recently he’s come to the realization that it’s not going to be a “follow the yellow brick road” year ahead for him towards a reelection. Now he’s recently resorted to the lowest point in his presidency. Campaigning. Making empty promises to ensure votes. How quickly some of this nation forgot how heavily he ran on job creation and instead focused solely on healthcare. Now he’s back to promising jobs again, but will America take the medicine? It’s not looking like it from what early polling shows, though we are still a year away from the 2012 election. I think America is realizing the man believes more in his reelection than in job creation. As he campaigns his ‘jobs bill/reelection’ tour he is doing more to harm American than help by recently creating more civil warfare. How dare I? Let me ‘splain, Lucy.


His recent speech to rile up black voters was worded a bit extreme in my point of view.  Here’s another take on the speech for contrast. What he’s doing here is creating more of a separation of races. Basically saying, vote for whatever I say because I’m not half-white and half-black, I’m black, and you should start marching for whatever I say. Now when I think of marching for policy, I think of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous non-violent marches that brought about a very long overdue and important change to our society in America. Equal rights for all that legally live in America. I won’t get into that, but instead of more branching I will finish with this. President Obama, don’t you dare tell the black community to vote for you because it’s the right thing to do. If you have to sink this low, to call out an entire race to bail you out, then at least have the balls to ask them to support you IF they agree with what you are doing to America, and plan to continue doing IF reelected. You don’t see Herman Cain or Ron Paul doing this in order to get a leg up in the race now do you?

  1. greg.p.williams@usa-spaceops.com says:

    “1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”

    This is a clever definition, combining two separate definitions. Anyone who believes that there are NOT inherent differences among the races, and think that ALL races are equal in EVERY way and have contributed achievements in the SAME way, is downright retarded. This is what liberalism teaches. I don’t mean liberals, but the doctrine of liberalism which infects almost all modern “conservatives” as well.

    One can believe the first part of the above definition, which is one of the truest statements you’ll ever read, without believing the second part. A “racist” today is any person, well, WHITE person who believes the first part. Because a certain race has given more in terms of technology to the world does not mean they are “superior”, in a sense. You have to separate moralism from it. Because I’m not as smart as Einstein was, doesn’t mean he was a better being, or morally superior, but I’d be a fool to say I have contributed to the world the same as he did.

    No one would deny that blacks are better athletes. Most would even say they are superior in that area right? It’s true; facts are facts, statistics are facts.

    Those who believe that all people are exactly equal in every way cannot also believe in evolution and remain consistent. People, like other animals, evolved separately dependent upon their environment, needs, etc.

    Some would call me a racist because I prefer to be around other white people, live around them, befriend them. Well, if I’m racist, then so is 99% of humans, because that’s human nature to seek out those with whom you are more alike. There’s a reason there are black, Asian, white, Jewish, Mexican, etc neighborhoods with mostly those people. Again, it’s human nature.

    Discrimination: a necessity in every facet of life. You have me as a friend and not others because you found things about me you liked better than others, or, in other words, you discriminated. There’s a difference between unjust and just discrimination. No one would say it’s discrimination to pick a person who is more qualified for a position for a job over someone who has no experience with that job right? Well guess what assholes, THAT’S discrimination. See?

    I will mention that I believe that private business should be able to discriminate how they want. If I open a business and don’t want whites working there, that’s my choice. If people find me to be racist and don’t patronize my business because of it, I have a choice: continue my discriminatory practice and go out of business, or do what’s in the best interest of my company and the consumer. That’s what businesses do, what’s in the best interest of BOTH parties, otherwise they won’t be in business long. Does anyone complain that nail salons pretty much hire ONLY Asian women, Mexican restaurants almost ALL Mexican people? No, but would people call me ‘racist” because I hire almost ALL whites for my golf store? Of course I would be, because only white people can be racist. Minorities are encouraged to stick together, whites are encouraged to destroy themselves and their race by intermarrying and letting ONLY non-whites immigrate to their country. Here, when almost ALL immigration is non-white into American, it’s called “tolerance” or “multiculturism”. If whites, and ONLY whites moved into an African country and started replacing the population, it would be called genocide.

    “I don’t agree with the Republicans refusal to be more ‘agreeable’ to get some things moving for our country, but in essence I look at it like this. ”

    I wholeheartedly disagree with you here. Government is not supposed to be agreeable, that’s why there are checks and balances. There are supposed to be opposing sides to prevent one extreme or the other. For the Republicans to agree MORE, that’s capitulating to liberalism, and damning their beliefs. It is not noble to sacrifice your principles for the sake of seeming disagreeable. That’s called insanity.

    As far as Obama’s speech, he’s a dumb Marxist asshole, what else is there? He’s a typical politician. He is going to pander to his black base and talk ghetto, or like a Baptist preacher, or like a white person, depending on who he is speaking to. That’s what politicians do, and why they are the most evil and untrustworthy people on the planet.

    His pandering to blacks doesn’t really bother me, except for the hypocrisy: whites cannot do the same. If I ran for office, and I said “white people, get out and vote for me”, I’d be the most evil “racist” person on earth right? A “racist” is the worst person on earth huh? Most idiots would rather befriend a child molesting murderer than a person who chooses to live amongst his own people (that is, ONLY whites).

    People of the same race naturally stick together. Humans are tribal. If that’s “racism”, then almost all people on earth are “racists”.

    I actually have a LOT more to say, but we’ll see if anyone has anything to say in response first.

    • girolahozz says:

      Interesting. First off, nice GIANT comment, heh. Glad you did though, since I needed some feedback. What I meant about the Republicans refusing to be more agreeable is this: There are things the two sides could be agreeing on, but they are mostly just saying well, no. I realize they are mostly just trying to wash out Obama’s last year of his term to ensure the voters blame the democrats at the ballot box, but what if all their refusing to work together ends up damaging America even worse? Seems like a pretty crucial point in America’s history to act now on SOME things. All these government shutdowns and nonsense is getting out of hand. Yes, disagreements matter, but if you disagree with someone, don’t just throw your hands up and walk away, find a balance point in between the two points and go from there. If there’s still nothing to agree on then take the lead and order a pizza pie and eat til one of you has a heart attack. That’ll solve the problem.

      I do agree with you on the business side, private business IS just that, private business. They should be able to hire whoever they want. You want a guy that looks like Darius Rucker to work in your acoustic guitar section then so be it, hire him. He can’t play the guitar? Then he’s probably not going to sell them very well. Same thing goes for firemen, especially those that look like Darius Rucker.
      Freedom is pretty much becoming PC each day, and that’s what is scaring me the most. Obama is a politician. He’ll say whatever he wants to get to where he wants, not get AMERICA where it needs to be. I don’t even know if that’s really on his agenda?

      I didn’t choose you as a friend, by the by. You chose me, biotch!

      • Gregums says:

        If I were a Republican, I would not give Obama ANYTHING. They can, they have the house to do it. Plus, anything Obama wants to push will be socialist evil anyway, so, good for them.

  2. girolahozz says:

    Silly Greg. You like bananas don’t you…

  3. Gregums says:

    I get so sick of people saying “compromise” is the way to govern. That’s crap. That’s the way liberalism seeps in to every facet of our lives. The RIGHT gives and gives a little, not the left. Ever. So much now that those who are considered “radical right wing” are actual VERY moderate. That’s how far left the baseline has gone.

    • girolahozz says:

      Well our government right now is split down the middle. We have to get along somehow in order to pass the laws that need to be in place to keep America going.
      Unfortunate for us, it won’t be happening until our country elects it’s new officials in 2012
      So we are looking at a circus for a year and a half, plus Iran just decided to battleship us.

      We need some bacon, stat

  4. Gregums says:

    “We have to get along somehow in order to pass the laws that need to be in place to keep America going.”

    What laws need to be passed to keep us going? What you talkin’ ’bout?

  5. girolahozz says:

    Instead of letting a president run wild on health care reform, there needs to be more of a focus on ways to promote business confidence so that job creation can come back to America. That level of laws that are currently being ignored so that the more people on welfare will stay dependent of the government and keep voting for whoever takes money and gives to them.

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