Good ol’ fashioned racism

Posted: September 22, 2011 by aquasac in Smell These with Aqua Sac

My dad recently sent me a video of an ad campaign by the group Change Comes Slow. The video illustrates a common exclusion of Whites a propos the intolerance of racial slurs. In the following video, we are told not to use the terms “nigger”, “spic”, “chink”, “fag”, “kike”, and “retard”. Missing something?


Nowhere do you see “you can’t call me a cracker just because I’m White”. Why can’t prejudices against Whites be presented along side the prejudices against other races?

The omission of racial epithets towards Whites is glaringly obvious and is perhaps a subconscious, but more likely a tacit admission that White racial slurs are not out-of-bounds.

Two Whites are present in the video: a Jew and a homosexual. I suspect these were intended to be the Whites used in order to fulfill the diversity requirement so detractors cannot cause a fuss. But, the slurs are not directed at the White race in either case, but religion (and if you describe Jewish as a race, that’s separate than European whites)  and sexual orientation. It becomes more obvious when Jane Lynch, now known for her role on Glee, says:

The ‘R’ word is the same as every minority slur. Treat it that way, and don’t use it.

“The same as every minority slur”. This is further proof that racial slurs are only disparaging when minorities are the recipient. “Honky” or “Cracker” are not minority slurs, therefore, they are not slurs at all. I can read it no other way due to the omission of these terms.

[Blogger OneSTDV recently posted his thoughts on Glee here. I can’t agree with him, but it’s a good read nonetheless]

My personal anecdotal evidence supports the same conclusion one gets from the commercial: Whites have no reason to become upset over slurs hurled by the mere fact that they are White, the majority. Note also the direness of the situation in Jane’s voice and her body language. It’s also no coincidence that they used a White person to give the sanctimonious speech. A social pet project like this is more powerful coming from someone who is seen to be part of the population that can only be the offender of racial slurs, and never the victim.

The same is true with other majority groups in America. Heterosexuals and Christians are the butt of acceptable mainstream condescension and ridicule. If these groups defend themselves and point out being verbally victimized by others, the typical response is “lighten up, it’s a joke”; or, to point to past grievances perpetrated against a minority with the purpose of the juxtaposition showing a pale comparison. Because that act was worse, this act is okay. One improper behavior is justified by pointing to another, or more simply, two wrongs make a right.

This video pushes the same old story; Whites can’t be offended, as if they’re not human.

[Quick note: I must admit that while I know what a “kike” is, I’ve never heard it in person, only on television. I don’t know that this term is prevalent today, though this may only be due to me not growing up nor currently living in an area with many Jews.]

  1. girolahozz says:

    I think anything negative that comes out of a white person’s mouth is dubbed as racism or prejudice. I mean, that’s what PC does, right?
    I’m a juice box of joy…

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