Posted: September 14, 2011 by shakesmcfly in Miscellaneous Matters of Me

Friday night I get a call from my local financial institution, I missed the call but the lady left a voicemail, “Hi this is Stacey with Your Mama Credit Union, if you could please give me a call at your earliest convenience.” I immediately freak out and check all my accounts, what could it be: overdraft, defaulted loan, someone stole all my money??? WHAT!?! All my accounts were fine and accounted for, but what did Stacey want? Even thought it was way past banker’s hours I called and left a message for her, “Hi Stacey this is Shakes M. McFly returning your call, you can reach me on my cell 504-Eatme or at work Monday morning 985-blowme.’

Fast forward to Monday and I forget the whole thing, but Stacey calls my cell and leaves the same message she did before, I immediately call her back from work goes to her voicemail. Really bitch you just called me WTF!!! So I call and talk to another representative. I get a girl by the name of Danielle who explains to me that Stacey has left no notes in my account so she doesn’t exactly know what she wanted, but that she would find out and call me back.

Fast forward an hour later and Stacey calls again, I miss it *shocker* so I call her right back, voicemail ….Damnit stay at your fucking desk I want to talk to you!!!!

FINALLY, she calls me and I answer it the conversation goes as follows:

Stacey: Hi Ms. Mcfly I see that you recently bought a new vehicle.

Shakes: in January?!

Stacey: well I wanted to see what your interest rate is and maybe we can get you a lower one.

Shakes: ok ….it is at 4%

Stacey: hmm what’s the year?

Shakes: 99

Stacey: Oh that is a really good interest rate, but why did you get the truck?

( this is where I insert rant: excuse me who are you Stacey….why do you need to know all this stuff….what does it matter why I purchased a vehicle?!)

Shakes: it is a work truck

Stacey: well why a 99

(Bitch Oh no you didn’t ….  )

Shakes: that is what I wanted

Stacey: well I don’t think we can get you a better interest rate is there any other cars you need to refinance.

Shakes: NO I just refinanced my truck like 5 mos. ago I am good

(Aren’t I supposed to go to them for this!!!! Why are they bugging me freaking me out when all she wants to do is meet some damn quota!!!)

Stacey: well ok Ms Mcfly if you can think of anything you need my name is Stacey and my extension is xt: isuck.

Shakes: *hangs up phone*



I mean seriously????? I might have to call her supervisor to ask if this is proper protocol for all their full service representatives…. Where is my cell phone?

  1. aquasac says:

    Shakes, I just called 543-eatme, but it is out of service.

    Honestly though, I would call them and complain, or; go rob them.

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