An Introduction of Sorts
I live in Austin and that means a few things that I won’t get into here.  The one I want to talk about here is social drinking which is as free and plentiful in Austin as Taco Trucks run by people from the East Coast.   As long as you are sort of ffriendly you will get invited to happy hour drinking, weekend brunch drinking,  late night bar drinking, concert drinking, movie alamo theater drinking, house party drinking, work party drinking, weird made up Austin Holiday drinking  and on and on.   I think you get the picture but I not bringing because of the social (city) or personal (me) reasons.  When you drink with friends, family and acquaintances questions come up.  I would like to write about those questions.
 Here some examples:
Will anyone ever be as big as Kayne, Jay Z, and Coldplay in music again?
Can we fix this country?
What is difference between our parents, grandparents, us, and future generations?
Will Hollywood ever get any new ideas?
Why do we keep electing game show hosts?
The ever changing roles of men and women.
Why don’t Americans care about the rest of the world.
This is what this page hopefully will be about, although I reserve the right not to write about any of these questions.
So let’s have fun

Please comment with a name other than "Anonymous", lest a Grizzly fall on your noggin.

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