Randomness 9-22-11

Posted: September 22, 2011 by shakesmcfly in Miscellaneous Matters of Me

Randomness 101


I believe I will try to bring back the banana clip.


I really hate it when my maxi-pad sticks to my ass hair.


Sometimes you just have to fart.


When I cry I’m pretty sure angels feel pain.


I dance in my cube while listening to music, and pretend I’m in a music video.


If I could pick any era to go back and live in it would be the 80’s.


Back to the future II is my favorite movie and I’m not afraid to say it, even though it wasn’t even supposed to be made.


I played with my Barbies until I was well into my teens.


Could you be stuck in a room listening to AC/DC for 24 hours…I could not, not that I don’t like AC/DC…I would just need it in moderation.


When I grow up I want to own a hooters/strip clubs called T&A plaza.


I would do things that would put me in jail to have one intimate night with Justin Timberlake.


I took a kickboxing class and the following things are painful to do today: sneeze, cough, sit upright and take a shit.



Until next time

  1. girolahozz says:

    Oh wow, Shakes… So many great thoughts… I enjoy sticking pretzel sticks in peanut butter…and bacon too.

  2. aquasac says:

    If I could pick any era to go back and live in it would be the 80’s.

    Horrendous! Are you kidding? Nah, I would go back to the 20s as a 20 something year old. Much classier time.

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