Bowling ( yeah I’m on a league)

Posted: September 15, 2011 by shakesmcfly in Miscellaneous Matters of Me

Last night was bowling night.

We needed a sub so my friend Amy filled in for us, we had a blast. I stayed consistent bowling a 158, 135, and 131. Amy didn’t start out that good, she bowled a very impressive 91, but on game 2 and a cranberry and vodka later she really found her “zone” she got strike after strike and spare after spare…before we knew it she had bowled a 192… everyone on the team we were competing against kept asking if she had a body double or a twin sister that she traded places with since she bowled 101 pins over her first game. About this time we were settling into our third game and Amy starts freaking out. “Where is my debit card?”

Me: I dunno you had it to get money out of the ATM, you gave me your bowling money, and what did you do after that?

Amy: I don’t remember!!

She then runs to the ATM to make sure she didn’t leave it in there, asked the guy at the front desk if he’d seen it with no luck. Where had she put it? She walks back and we are re-tracing her steps, over and over repeating ATM, front desk, bowling lane….ATM, front desk, bowling lane— finally out of nowhere she burst into laughter.

Amy: Oh my goodness I am retarded…. I started a fucking tab!!


No one said you had to be smart to bowl..

  1. aquasac says:

    Nah, you don’t have to be smart, just drunk. I’ve done similar dumb things, like, looking for the remote which is literally in my hand.

  2. girolahozz says:

    DUDE that is freaking hilarious

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