My Friend Markus

Posted: September 22, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

I have a friend named Markus Ponder. I felt it necessary to mention him because of his uncanny resemblance to the actor Matt Damon. It’s amazing actually, how much he looks just like him. Sometimes I feel bad since I’m sure he’d rather a much more awesome actor to have a likeness to, but either way, he’s Matt Damon in my book.

My friend Markus Ponder has the largest calves I’ve ever seen on a 3 foot 2 man. It’s like two leprechaun skulls sealed up tight in an albino seals’ belly and taped on below his knees.

My friend Markus Ponder has the best laugh I’ve ever heard from a man. It’s always the same, never just a chuckle, but a hearty gut buster that sizzles like a 1910 Model T Ford’s car horn, if there is such a vehicle.

My friend Markus Ponder. He’s such a gangster…


  1. aquasac says:

    My friend Mark he’s a helluva guy, let me tell you all why… His face goes well on a milk carton.

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