Long time no Write

Posted: March 9, 2012 by shakesmcfly in Miscellaneous Matters of Me

Hello world, Its been a hot minute since I’ve written so might as well give it a whirl. Spaz, Hat-Girl , and dynamic Duo I’ve started working out… I will wait for you to stop laughing and compose yourself… but it is true, I have joined and attend a gym everyday. I can’t go into a place and not get pissed off by people it’s a curse what can I say, so I’ve made enemies with some of the other patrons (in my head). First off is Spaz, Spaz is a guy that will show up about 20 to 30 minutes after I do, he will walk on the treadmil for 2 minutes, go to the machines, pick one and do a set of 3 get up, go to the crunch machine do 4 of those and walk somewhere else. One day I felt he was following me, if I got on an arm machine he was right next to me, or hovering and waiting for me to get off of it so that he could snatch it up and change all of my settings….I mean I couldn’t wipe the sweat off of it he had jumped on the machine and changed all the weight and lifted the chair. As if that wasn’t bad enough the guy wears an awful smelling cologne (who wears cologne to the gym????) it is so bad that when he walks by you can’t even breath because his cologne engulfs you like you are drowning! Secondly we have Hat-Girl Hat girl is very fit, she is there everyday, has a guy that comes and trains her and everything. She is curtious and pretty much sticks to herself, but why would This person piss me off to get put on this blog entry…I will tell you why!! She parks in a NO PARKING zone…let me paint you a picture there are regular parking spaces from the street to the handicap spots, then there is a handicap spot and a marked off space in front of that for NO PARKING this is where she parks…. Sister (me talking to her) you are at a GYM you will be ok if you have to take 5 or 6 extra steps in order to make it to the front door. it has stressed me out so much I’ve considered leaving a note on her car, reporting her to the gym, or even getting her shit towed…ugh what makes her so freaking special she can park there? Finally the Dynamic Duo When I started going to the gym I found 1 tredmil I would get on in the morning, others would do the same, if you are a “regular” you pick a tredmil and stay there. Well there is a couple that started to attend the gym and the lady was on my tredmil… this is fine, you don’t know the protocal, I won’t make a scene I will just find a different machine and get into a routine with this machine. Fast forward to the next morning they are now on the machine I was on yesterday!! To this day I can’t get in a tredmil groove because these 2 are EVERYWHERE. I feel like one day these people will just stop coming, because I don’t think I can get over such stupidity and ignorance— I mean people should stop doing their New Years resolutions by now right??

  1. girolahozz says:

    HAHA! I love the treadmill story… Glad you are dropping weight like liquid trundles, Shakes! Bring that Ruckus

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