Good ol’ fashioned racism

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My dad recently sent me a video of an ad campaign by the group Change Comes Slow. The video illustrates a common exclusion of Whites a propos the intolerance of racial slurs. In the following video, we are told not to use the terms “nigger”, “spic”, “chink”, “fag”, “kike”, and “retard”. Missing something?


Nowhere do you see “you can’t call me a cracker just because I’m White”. Why can’t prejudices against Whites be presented along side the prejudices against other races?

The omission of racial epithets towards Whites is glaringly obvious and is perhaps a subconscious, but more likely a tacit admission that White racial slurs are not out-of-bounds.

Two Whites are present in the video: a Jew and a homosexual. I suspect these were intended to be the Whites used in order to fulfill the diversity requirement so detractors cannot cause a fuss. But, the slurs are not directed at the White race in either case, but religion (and if you describe Jewish as a race, that’s separate than European whites)  and sexual orientation. It becomes more obvious when Jane Lynch, now known for her role on Glee, says:

The ‘R’ word is the same as every minority slur. Treat it that way, and don’t use it.

“The same as every minority slur”. This is further proof that racial slurs are only disparaging when minorities are the recipient. “Honky” or “Cracker” are not minority slurs, therefore, they are not slurs at all. I can read it no other way due to the omission of these terms.

[Blogger OneSTDV recently posted his thoughts on Glee here. I can’t agree with him, but it’s a good read nonetheless]

My personal anecdotal evidence supports the same conclusion one gets from the commercial: Whites have no reason to become upset over slurs hurled by the mere fact that they are White, the majority. Note also the direness of the situation in Jane’s voice and her body language. It’s also no coincidence that they used a White person to give the sanctimonious speech. A social pet project like this is more powerful coming from someone who is seen to be part of the population that can only be the offender of racial slurs, and never the victim.

The same is true with other majority groups in America. Heterosexuals and Christians are the butt of acceptable mainstream condescension and ridicule. If these groups defend themselves and point out being verbally victimized by others, the typical response is “lighten up, it’s a joke”; or, to point to past grievances perpetrated against a minority with the purpose of the juxtaposition showing a pale comparison. Because that act was worse, this act is okay. One improper behavior is justified by pointing to another, or more simply, two wrongs make a right.

This video pushes the same old story; Whites can’t be offended, as if they’re not human.

[Quick note: I must admit that while I know what a “kike” is, I’ve never heard it in person, only on television. I don’t know that this term is prevalent today, though this may only be due to me not growing up nor currently living in an area with many Jews.]


Star Wars Vs. Star Trek; The Ultimate Battle…

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Star Wars VS. Star Trek; The Ultimate Battle…

I recently read a silly article questioning William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame) of which was better, Star Trek or Star Wars.

I’ll spare you the nonsensical quote from T.J. Hooker himself, but let’s just say it revolved around him saying Star Wars came from Star Trek, Star Wars was all special effects and that the ladies were the best part of it. How serious was this answer? It’s William Shatner! So who knows, the guy insists upon himself, basically spewing anything for fame and attention.

To be honest, this did kind of strike a nerve in me, being a fan of both science fiction juggernauts. So I figured why not drop my opinion on the matter? Read on…

First off, Star Wars obviously did not come from Star Trek, nor is it in any relation to it story wise, and I’m pretty certain Shatner knows this. Even though Star Trek premiered on television well before Star Wars was on the big screen in 1977, they are both still just science fiction ideas that somehow started a feud on which was better. Very few people I talk to about this are actually a fan of both, like I am. Most people choose Star Wars over Star Trek. Reason being that Star Wars was like Star Trek on steroids.

The Star Wars storyline was palatable enough for a 6 year old to understand and the action always moved each ‘episode’ along. The characters, to me, are what separate Star Trek from Star Wars. George Lucas, the mastermind behind Star Wars, was a genius at creating characters, aliens and the whole universe; much like Gene Roddenberry was a genius at creating the Star Trek universe. The main difference between the two was that Star Wars was “in a galaxy far, far away”, setting it up to be a fairy tale almost and pretty much created the atmosphere from scratch. Star Trek was Earth and our galaxy a few hundred years in the future, so Roddenberry had to tie in what happens from now until then.

 To be honest, Roddenberry did a pretty bang up job on a lot of things that have come to be. The iPad, laptop/desktop, iPhone, portable tvs, and so much more were all envisioned in the Star Trek universe decades before they became a reality, or even thought possible. Star Wars biggest ‘technology break-through’ was laser rifles and warp speed, things that Star Trek already had made visible on the tube more than a decade before.

Star Trek was written for the small screen, to be a bunch of stories that gave the viewer an outcome by the time the hour was almost up. Star Wars was written a 6 part story for the big screen, originally, and has spawned into more as the time goes by. This is probably why the ‘storyline-based’ Star Trek did not hold up to Star Wars ‘action-based’ films as well as fans would like to argue. I will say that in my book, Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back and Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan are pretty close to amazing and untouchable in the history of film!

 The characters were a bit stale and dated though, in the Star Trek universe. Everyone seemed super smart, and athletic when they needed to be, so it really was a soap opera in space. Action rarely happened, but the links to humanity were what sold the show to the audience, at least to me. Roddenberry dealt with everyday issues, just pushed into a future setting and usually came up with pretty believable outcomes. People liked Captain Kirk because he was the hero, the leader, the cowboy where as Mr. Spock was the alien that balanced the outcome of the story.

Compassion to a race or species was always a focus in Star Trek.  Star Wars was similar, having witty characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo that could instantly spring into action. These were the equivalent to the military in both Star Wars and Star Trek, so maybe they were the best of the best and just had a ‘ninja switch’ they could shut on or off? Who knows, but everyone had their favorites in both series.

Acting. Acting in Star Wars was borderline awful, especially in the original 3 films (the final 3 weren’t exactly day time tv worthy either). I am stunned that Lucas could create characters this well and then have trouble with scripting and acting direction. Roddenberry’s acting wasn’t a whole lot better but again, was a decade before Star Wars and the ‘stage’ acting of Star Trek had dissipated more or less from the big screen by the time the first Star Wars film came out. Future series learned from both and created stronger, more entertaining series like Firefly, Stargate and eventually the J.J. Abrams rebirth of Star Trek that came out recently. It pretty much combines the action of Star Wars with the characters of Star Trek, but places it in an alternate cannon or alternate historical reality of what Star Trek followers have come to absorb over the last 35+ years by starting it all over with the characters as young. It was a huge success and already a sequel is in the works so Star Wars may need to “make it so” with some new material soon or the argument may stay in Captain Kirk’s corner…

When time becomes a loop


Shiver me timbers…

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In case you work around adults or mature mini-adults, you may not know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me matey. So yeah, that’s pretty fun.

Reaching out to more admins/bloggers for the site and hope to have some more stuff on here soon from a few ‘sleeping giants’ that are working on some goodies to post.

Keep ’em clean and get ready for Halloween


An Evening with The Haze

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The Haze: (thee hayz) Divorced mother of three; Zina, Chris and Shakes. AKA Hazel



This past Saturday the Haze and I went on a mother/daughter date, we began by eating dinner at a local seafood restaurant and then getting dessert at a bakery down the road. We then went to our hometown theatre to see the musical The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, we arrived a bit early so we took a seat in the lobby when all of a sudden my friend Matt (the director) walked in to talk to us.

Matt: I am so happy you came!

Shakes: Oh I wouldn’t miss your directing debut for the world.

Matt: Well thanks so much, hey I hate to ask but will you be an audience participant?

Shakes: what do I have to do?

Matt: Just wait for your name to be called then you will sit onstage and the cast will sing and dance for you … you will also participate in the spelling bee, just do as good as you can and be sure you ask the following questions: Can I get the definition please and Can you use the word in a sentence?

Shakes: *thinking really hard about it* I guess so what’s the worst that could happen?

Matt then writes my name down and we walk into the theatre to get our seat, we sit on the 5th row first 2 chairs, but Matt then comes in a little later to ask us to please move one row up? The Haze was wondering fine, but I just told her they were probably saving that row for a school group or something. The play starts and they introduce the cast, it is a spelling bee so they are all “students” after they are announced, one of the announcers introduce some “other contestants” in the spelling bee —-the audience participants AKA ME. I walk on stage when my name is called and take my seat on stage. This is where the fun begins, they call us up one by one and make us spell two of the other audience members got out on the first round, but I stuck in there with my

Character: Miss McFly, can you please spell Mexican

Shakes: Can I get the definition please?

Character: of course, people who are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and East Port Arthur.

Shakes: Can I get the word in a sentence?

Character: Jessica was not Mexican, just very tan.

Shakes: Mexican, M-E-X-I-C-A-N, Mexican

Character: that is right …take your seat

The play then continued right around me, the actual characters helped me with “dance moves” or movements I needed to know so I didn’t look like a complete turd. Then my turn comes up again:

Character: Shakes please spell Mustache

Shakes: Definition

Character: yes, a type of facial hair

Shakes: Sentence please

Character: I had the money but I must stash it so my brother doesn’t find it.

Shakes: Mustache, M-U-S-T-A-C-H-E

Character: that is correct

This time there is a HUGE dance song that made me spin around on these set bleachers on wheels and involved us ringing around the rosy AND strobe lights…. I was dizzy, blind and slightly out of breath but loved every minute of it. After that song there was a slower song, where one of the characters went into the audience and sang to a person ….the person in the 4th row AKA the Haze (that is why he wanted us to move)

Finally I was out of the Bee once the first act ended —- Thank goodness, because I was not wearing the proper shoes to running and dancing on stage.

After the show we went home and couldn’t stop talking about our crazy night at the show…definitely one for the memory books, and if you ever get to see The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, anywhere by any theater company DO IT …it is a super funny show!!!

Hangliding: the new ipecac

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I always get a kick out of watching people puke. It makes me happy because, well, it’s not me. I always love when someone at a party starts puking in front of everyone. You feel sorry for the poor bastard, you want to go get him some water. But, if you get him water, you’re bound to miss more of the hilarious beans, sausage, turkey leg and cheese dip waterfall fertilizing your herb garden. Enjoy.

Bowling ( yeah I’m on a league)

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Last night was bowling night.

We needed a sub so my friend Amy filled in for us, we had a blast. I stayed consistent bowling a 158, 135, and 131. Amy didn’t start out that good, she bowled a very impressive 91, but on game 2 and a cranberry and vodka later she really found her “zone” she got strike after strike and spare after spare…before we knew it she had bowled a 192… everyone on the team we were competing against kept asking if she had a body double or a twin sister that she traded places with since she bowled 101 pins over her first game. About this time we were settling into our third game and Amy starts freaking out. “Where is my debit card?”

Me: I dunno you had it to get money out of the ATM, you gave me your bowling money, and what did you do after that?

Amy: I don’t remember!!

She then runs to the ATM to make sure she didn’t leave it in there, asked the guy at the front desk if he’d seen it with no luck. Where had she put it? She walks back and we are re-tracing her steps, over and over repeating ATM, front desk, bowling lane….ATM, front desk, bowling lane— finally out of nowhere she burst into laughter.

Amy: Oh my goodness I am retarded…. I started a fucking tab!!


No one said you had to be smart to bowl..

Crazy Lady.

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Every have one of those days where you just feel blah?

No matter what you do, it just keeps on draggin on, time slows down and even after lunch you feel like a slab of beef waiting for the skillet?

Well stop sniffing your dry erase marker and come along with me to a place that will cheer even the puffiest of nay-sayers!

“But wait! I’m stuck here at work! I can’t leave…” You might say…

“How can I flow with you?” You could also say after that…

Here’s your answer! Eat. Eat. Eat.

“But I’m soooo full!” You might say…

“And I ate an extra lean pocket at lunch!” You could also say after that…

No, not food for your mouth, but food for your MIND! That’s right! Learn something. Just because you are bored doesn’t mean you need to fill your mouth… fill your mind! Challenge your know-how!


Exactly. Because the world needs more brilliant minds like our former Alaskan governor…



Say it ain’t so, Johnny…