Les, Ler and Jay bring the maple bacon with new Primus album!

Posted: September 13, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

Green Naugahyde

First and foremost, this is a really fun, entertaining and twisted album, much what a fan of Primus would expect. This is great news for anyone that was left with blue gotchas after the incredible Animals ep dropped from the heavens. The bad news? Yeah you know there had to be some, but this is Primus bad news, it’s not really bad news. Basically it isn’t Animals-level, and obviously not likening in sound to any of their earlier albums. If I had to label it, I’d say it is somewhere between Seas of Cheese depth and Purple Onion/Bucket of Bernie Brains.


Before you blast me with treason, read on, give it a listen and I think you will agree somewhat. I’m proud to say Primus has been my favorite band since 1993, so I feel comfortable saying this. I’m obviously happy to hear something challenging from Les and Ler again. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten that since Purple Onion and Animals came out. Sure there have been fun songs and takeaways since then on different albums but this almost feels like a bridge that never was between Holy Mackeral and Purple Onion.


I don’t feel any laziness, though the percussion does lack throughout most of the album, and Les is full of fun stories with Ler grinding away as always in a way on he and Todd Huth could. I miss Herb but I understand after seeing them tour for Zingers together that him exiting stage left again was inevitable. I was very happy to see the Fisherman’s Chronicles return and overall it’s a strong effort that with more plays will seep into my noggin just like Punchbowl and Brown Album did after a curious raised eyebrow was first raised.


Give it an honest ear, if you like Les. I agree with a former comment that it doesn’t sound like Frizzle Fry, but Les was obviously talking about the gel and creative process of this album reminding him of that album. Frizzle Fry is bananas crazy with heavy banging throughout on the drums and bass, so this sounds nothing like that in my opinion, but again, it does have that wide range of ideas that Seas had and the feel of Purple Onion to me. I was curious if it would have a Sausage feel to it, but I honestly didn’t catch that either, and I’m fine with that since that was years ago and based on years before.


If you like Les you should love this if not now then tomorrow.


This and that, this and that, this and that


  1. aquasac says:

    This guy hasn’t heard it yet… Waiting…

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