Who’s dumber: Obama or the electorate?

Posted: September 9, 2011 by aquasac in Smell These with Aqua Sac

In Obama’s speech last night, he promulgated the idea of companies which hire a person who has been unemployed for six months or longer will receive a $4,000 tax break. Hmm, see anything wrong with this? Anything completely asinine? Anything that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever? My ten year old son can see it, but does the average American idiot voter see it?

This plan does not incentivize hiring in the least. It doesn’t make sense. If a company is not hiring, it’s because they either don’t have the funds to hire, or don’t need anymore employees, and these two normally work together. Let’s break it down.

Why would a company which has no money to hire anyone, hire someone for a tax credit? If the employee costs $30,000 a year, and they hire this person, they are in the red by $26,000. It would cost them $26,000 to receive $4,000. It’s like me saying to you “I’ll give you this $3 if you spend $20”. How does that make sense? It doesn’t.

The only companies who will receive this tax break are ones who are already hiring anyway. It will not spur economic growth, it will only cost the taxpayers more money.

I don’t think Obama understands how a business runs. He thinks they are holding back “bags of money”, as he says, for no reason but greed. Companies look out for their best interest, their bottom line. They only hire if needed due to demand of the product or service they’re selling. They don’t just hire people for the sake of giving someone a job. If they did, they wouldn’t be in business long. I mean, would you hire someone to cut your lawn even though you continue to cut it yourself? Just for the sake of feeling good about employing someone? Stupid. Obama doesn’t understand this.

Anyway, Obama will make it sound like he’s trying to “help” companies, in turn the economy, by offering this “incentive” to hire. His base will run with it. My only question is, does Obama REALLY think this is a workable solution, or is he just putting on a front to give the appearance of doing something, anything, knowing the average voter is a few cards short of a full deck and won’t look into it or think about it?

  1. girolahozz says:

    Well, it does amaze me that more Americans don’t see it this way. Though a lot of business do have a ‘sac’ of money locked up in their banks right now while the economy is so uncertain, getting a tax break isn’t going to make the wheels on the bus go round and round. And it certainly won’t make a company go ahead and do an expansion that hires a ton of employees, aka new hires. Bottom line is that I know people who have been on unemployment for more than 2 years now. You telling me there isn’t a single job, not one job in this area, a fortunate area where there are still jobs, that you aren’t willing to apply for? “Well, I paid into it for everyone else, so now it’s my time to do it too. I ain’t workin til the economy gets better.” That’s retarded. Sometimes you have to do a job temporarily when times are bad. I’ve done it and I’m a picky fellow for those of you that know me, the 3 of you reading this. I was very thankful for unemployment benefits the 2 months I was out of work after being laid off. Did I sit around and hit the bong and play video games all day? No, I still applied even though my chances were null being that it was the 4th quarter of the year and NO one hires during that time unless it’s for Christmas retail help in mid-November. I was hired on for a temp job in early November, thankfully or I would have been hanging Christmas Trees at a retail store.

    That temp job opened the door to a full time job, so don’t be lazy and expect the government to take care of you, they only will for a short time. Meanwhile you are wasting opportunities to better your life and land a possible career job, if those even exist anymore! Obama doesn’t get it, this was a campaign speech, a re-election speech and we have no more money to give, which is bad news for FEMA during a wet and wild hurricane/fire storm season.

    Do I think the Republicans will do any better? I pray they surprise me, because so far I have little to no faith in my government pulling us out of this self driven hole we are in.

  2. aquasac says:

    Those who do have a “sac” of money would be using it for hiring if they needed to hire more people. Companies do store cash for future expansion. You have to have a lot of capital to do so. Nobody is going to make that investment right now. Obama acts as if people aren’t hiring for no reason. He’s backwards.

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