The Greatest Shoes of All Time!!!

Posted: September 9, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

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Ultra-wicked incredible…

THE TIME HAS COME! We are finally able to rock the awesomeness that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part 2! Nike has released a line of shoes that are a throw-back to the film’s iconic shows worn by Michael J. Fox and appear to be self-lacing? WOW. Hoverboards are still obviously not possible, but this is cool. I remember pretending my Reebok pumps were McFly shoes back in the early 90’s after the film came out. Is it a shoe gimmick? Of course it is! It’s no different than thinking Air Jordan’s are any better than normal Nike basketball shoes.

The fact that those of us that grew up and loved the cool future ideas in BTTF2 are finally getting to see them unfold is awesome. I watch episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation and see then using hand held communicators that resemble modern day iPhones and their laptops were a brilliant idea that also became a reality. Technology never stops bringing the ruckus!

Get a pair and enjoy a little bit of history from the future… yeah I just said that.

EDITOZZ’S NOTE: Okay, so I found out there are only a thousand or so of these amazing shoes made, and they are being auctioned on eBay starting yesterday 9/8/11. How much do you ask? Dare you? Let’s just say they are set at $5,100.00. That’s right five THOUSAND dollars apiece. Now here’s the kicker, as if that wasn’t it already. All the money goes to MJF’s Parkinson’s research project. That’s hoverborderline genius! I won’t have a pair, but maybe Payless will get some knockoffs… then I’ll be 9 years old again.

 “Marty! It’s your kids!”


  1. shakesmcfly says:

    i heard MJF tried bidding on a pair, but he couldn’t keep the pointer on the Bid button….the mouse just kept shaking around!

    too soon?

  2. girolahozz says:

    OH WOW…. I mean WOW. Shakes McFly…

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