Movie Review: Our idiot Brother

Posted: September 7, 2011 by shakesmcfly in Miscellaneous Matters of Me

Oh how I love Paul Rudd! The only way to truly critic a Paul Rudd film is to compare it to other Paul Rudd films…. For example the scale would be as follows

40 year old Virgin (10) — Role Models (1)

So with that being said this movie is a good solid (5) or should I say a solid Dinner for Schmucks. The comedy just wasn’t side splitting hilarity….most of the “funny parts” are captured in the previews, but there are some nice shockers within the film. Would I pay to go see this, No ….however I would have someone pay for me to go so that is saying a lot considering some movies don’t even deserve you sitting in a seat for an hour and a half…even if the popcorn is good.

  1. girolahozz says:

    NICE. I was curious about this one. Looks like it would be odd, but I’ve been a Rudd fan since Clueless and was sold for life with Wet Hot American Summer!

  2. aquasac says:

    Dude, he was like, Phoebe’s husband in Friends! yag

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