Spankfest: children edition

Posted: September 2, 2011 by aquasac in Smell These with Aqua Sac

I came across this Times article while skimming through a recent Feministe entry on spanking children. It’s safe to say most commenters at Feministe don’t advocate spanking, seemingly not differentiating between a disciplinary swat on the ass and punching a toddler in the face for stepping in front of the television.

I’ve found throughout my years that those who believe they have parenting all figured out are those who aren’t parents. These are the people who buy organic arugula and drive Priuses.

Professor George Holden of Southern Methodist University set out to study parents’ reaction with their children, specifically how much and often they yell, but found the spanking data to be more pertinent:

In fact, Holden didn’t even know he’d be studying spanking. He originally set out to study yelling, via voluntary audio recordings of parents conducting life at home -the pedestrian stuff of parenting like meal prep, bath time and lights out.

Here’s the twist: in the course of analyzing the data collected from 37 families — 36 mothers and one father, all of whom recorded up to 36 hours of audio in six days of study — researchers heard the sharp cracks and dull thuds of spanking, followed in some cases by minutes of crying. They’d inadvertently captured evidence of corporal punishment, as well as the tense moments before and the resolution after, leading researchers to believe they’d amassed the first-ever cache of real-time spanking data.

The recordings feature a mother spanking her 3-year-old son 11 times for fighting with his sister [GW: this mom needs to work on her technique a little], prompting a fit of crying and coughing. Another mom hits her 5-year-old when he won’t clean up his room [GW: Hits? Where? Did she knock some teeth out?]. One mom slaps her child when he doesn’t cooperate with the bedtime routine [GW: It would be of great value to have “doesn’t cooperate” defined and where this “slap” took place. Notice NO context whatsoever is given, so we are lead to believe that these parents are evil abusers of their children].

I can’t help but think, did the spanking cause the coughing fit? Did the kid already have a cough? I know when my kids have a hard cry, it induces coughing. And, I do not spank them anymore because I did when they were younger, therefore I don’t have to now, and they are well behaved kids.

The author uses the words “hit” and “slap” as well. This is an intentional tactic to skew readers into believing parents are beating their children. Remember, this is all audio recording. Maybe the author has some elite University audio training in which she can decipher the instrument used and where the child was struck, based on the tings and tones of the object hitting bare skin or clothing. It’s kind of a specialty Spanking Forensics course perhaps? I think it’s actually called “Feminists 101”.

In the 1990s, Holden conducted research that showed 70% of college-educated women spank their children; other studies have found that up to 90% of all parents use corporal punishment.

I suspect college educated women work during the day while their ankle-biters cause hell with the other twenty-six kids at a day care in which a chunky 19 yr old getting paid barely over minimum wage watches over. So, the mother drops the kid(s) off at seven o’clock, then picks them up between five and six o’clock. I bet that number would be pretty damn close to 100 percent for stay at home moms.

The kicker is now quoted:

Children who are spanked occasionally are not thought to be significantly impacted later on, but those who are spanked regularly are more likely to have behavior problems that may escalate into antisocial behavior. They may also be at greater risk for anxiety disorders or depression and ultimately may be more likely to engage in domestic violence and child abuse as adults.

Good grief. We have a classic example of switching cause and effect as well as a belief in the Blank Slate (that is, that we are a product of our environment only and no behavior, intelligence, etc is genetic).

First, you don’t spank a well-mannered child. Naturally, children who behave badly [cause] more often will be spanked and disciplined more often [effect]. These children who are behaving badly are more likely to behave badly into adulthood. This study is done by a “doctor”, helping to prove that having an advanced degree doesn’t necessarily mean you have a clue as to what the diarrhea squirting out of your mouth means.

This researcher, and others like him, wants us to believe that spanking makes a child a criminal. A child’s environment is 100 percent responsible for later trials and tribulations. As I stated before, it’s a belief in tabula rasa. I’ve seen nonsense before, and this is complete and utter gobbledy gook.

Without question environment can affect a person’s outcome negatively or positively, but people have predispositions that make them more likely to be criminal or behave in this or that way. Environment can indeed be a factor as to whether or not certain behaviors manifest or not. But genetics and behavioral predispositions cannot be overlooked. Every kid is not going to turn out the same. A bad kid is a bad kid, and is likely to be a bad adult. We all know this. We’ve seen it. We are not all created equal and we do not all have the same potential.

I should mention that I have no doubts that there are cases of parents beating the snot out of their children, good children too, and those children having issues as they grow up. This is not generally the case, and I would argue that many formerly truly abused children strive to be better than their parents.

I’ll conclude with this: Many of the feminists at Feministe argue that spanking is hitting; they are synonymous because each makes physical contact with the child. But, let me remind you, that these feminists are certifiably retarded, irrational, illogical, and lack objective reasoning. If spanking is hitting, then so is slapping someone on the back in a congratulatory manner. Is spanking is hitting, then slapping your knee is hitting. Understand? To not differentiate between spanking and hitting is purposefully dishonest and downright ignorant.

The next time you hear someone tell you that spanking is hitting, that they are one and the same, “spank” the bastard in the mouth, then see if he understands the difference…

  1. girolahozz says:

    Spank them when they are young. Punish them as they get older. If you don’t stay on top of it, you will lose them by the time they are 10. I only spanked if it I caught them doing something that could really hurt them. If you can’t get them to respect you, a person they can see and touch, how will they respect something like God that they can only read about? They will never learn how to grow their faith. Point is if your kid needs to know limits. They test you to see how much you care.

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