Superman, Batman and …. Wonder Woman?

Posted: August 31, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

I am not a fan of Wonder Woman. As much as I understand about her existence, I grow bored and confused quickly. An invisible jet? Really? Where does she park it? How do other planes miss hitting her? Golden lasso of truth or something like that? Really? An Indiana Jones-type whip would have been much cooler or a bazooka.

C’mon though. Sure she’s a female super hero and that means a lot to all you Barbie lovers out there, but she is nothing close to as cool as Jem or She-ra. In fact, DC comics pretty much had lame female characters for miles compared to Marvel comics.


So I read this article on (hey, I go all over for news, even the crazy places like cnn and fox) and right off the bat I’m annoyed. The writer, who could be a really cool person from the sound of her article minus the following statement, begins with stating that if a female is asked to name 3 super heroes that she would probably name off Superman, Batman and Wonder woman. Reeeaaaallly… Wonder Woman? Not Spider Man, Wolverine or even the Hulk? Now last time I checked by barking beagles I am far from a female, so my answer is one-sided. BUT, Wonder Woman? I had to investigate and asked around, individually, what the ladies in my office would answer, ages from 25-60.

Here were the answers I received:

1)      Superman, Batman and Captain Marvel

2)      She-Ra, Captain Planet and Wonder Woman (David the Gnome was the original 3rd choice but even though he’s a super doctor I shunned this answer and asked for another so technically Wonder Woman is the 4th)

3)      Superman, He-Man and She-Ra

4)      Superman, Batman and Spiderman

5)      Superman, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman

6)      Green Hornet, Batman and Spiderman

7)      Superman, Super Girl and Cat Woman

8)      Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine

Have to admit I was a bit shocked at the answers, especially since some answered the same and no one heard the other’s answers. Wonder Woman was answered twice and once was referring to Linda Carter’s tv persona. So this leads me to believe that even though Marvel comics has been very successful over the last 10 years with their films, the average female does not instantly think of any of them. In fact only one female that I asked answered Spiderman. A male answered Spiderman other than her. I just found this to be very interesting that all the money spent on these blockbuster films and the target audience is still a male audience. Now some of you that may still be reading this far are saying, well derr. But Spiderman’s films especially tried hard to grab the romance theme in the series. Whoops!

Anyways, the article goes on to discuss how on Earth that the Green Lantern was awarded a major film before her (something I was shocked by as well) considering she’s been the most popular female super hero since 1941. And most people would have no idea who the Green Lantern is, but as she states, female leads are risky. Why? I have no idea. Tomb Raider was really awesome and was properly written and directed. Electra was a total nightmare and could have been amazing if it wasn’t targeting 9 year old girls. The Cat Woman film was also a ridiculous nightmare YET Michele Pfeifer’s portrayal was amazing and could have easily ruled the big screen in her own film.

So why would Wonder Woman in a feature film be any better or worse than Green Lantern? It’s all about the script, director and who you cast in the role. Captain America is a perfect example here. The movie was amazing, script, direction and even Chris Evans surprised me! Even though I’ve been a fan of his since Not Another Teen Movie, I wasn’t sure if The Human Torch could be Captain America just like I thought Ryan Reynolds was a terrible choice for Green Lantern but perfect for Deadpool in that terrible Wolverine flick. If a Wonder Woman film burst onto the scene set during WW 2 starring a strong actress with all the goods that Captain America brought, then yes I can easily see it being successful. So we shall see, but until then? Give me your thoughts.


  1. aquasac says:

    Here’s why her plane was invisible, in a conversation:

    Writer: yeah, she has a plane

    Producer: Um, we can’t afford that. Not in the budget.

    Writer: Okay, it’s an invisible plane!

    Producer: Now THAT’S affordable!

    And there you have it. If you can’t afford something for a movie/show, make it invisible.

  2. squirrelcovers says:

    I feel like Princess Leia in my underoos..

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