Baseball, football and golf.

Posted: August 30, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

Three sports that I’ve lost my focus with. Not that basketball, hockey, soccer or bocci ball are any better but just sayin’ that greed is destroying not only our funktacious nation, but our sporting departments as well. It’s a shame really. To think that the average basketball player or bench warmer was only making about $600,000 a year back in the 90’s. Now not much later, it’s close to a few million. Could salaries rise that fast? No. Money showed up, and lots of it. Instead of the owners putting that money in a mattress for lock-out prevention, err a rainy day, they decided to shovel it down the throats of players that are lined up saying, “Please sir, gimme some mo’.”

Now before you picture me typing here in pj’s and blackface, no I’m not picking on a certain race, I just felt like quoting Busta Rhymes because that is one of the most near impossible songs to rap, hands and lips down. It’s the same with the Yankees in baseball, who probably have no idea who is in their minor league developing away… instead they’d rather just reach into their right pocket and put it in their left to bring over the talent. Even Roger Clemens took the bait! Whoops.

Dear, Sports. This is for you. Stop. Put your money where it should go, the gladiator sized stadiums, the peanut chunkers that work there and most of all, bring down those ticket prices that are only that high in order to pay for these undeserving fellows playing their sports for a few days out of the season.

See ya around like a donit.


  1. aquasac says:


  2. aquasac says:

    Golf and Baseball are cheap to watch. You can get Astros tickets for 1 dollar. Down by the dugouts are like 20, not exactly gouging. Football is more expensive because there are less games. There are 8 games a year at a stadium, as opposed to 81 in baseball, ya see? It’s supply and demand brother, that’s how capitalism works…

    Yankee stadium is really expensive, but it’s the exception. It still sells out. Why would they lower prices if they sell out at the current price? Until people stop going to games because it’s too expensive, this won’t change.

    Now, I agree that there are greedy bastards for sure, and i’m fine with people being turned off by that. But I’m not going to tell the owner of a ball club what he should do with his money. It’s HIS money do spend on WHOEVER he wants. Sports are a business like any other, and people have a hard time seeing this. It’s recreational for us, but it’s a job to the players and owners pay them for their work. If a player doesn’t like what he is being paid, he can play somewhere else. That’s what happens. That’s the greed.

    Funny that basketball is not on here…

  3. aquasac says:

    I did, but I just think it is much more corrupt than say, golf.

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