The Winding Sheet…

Posted: August 27, 2011 by girolahozz in Grandad's Tea Kettle

Meanwhile, behind the facade of this innocent looking bookstore… Take a deep back step on over to my corner may you…


August 27, 2010

The return of Bears should bring a little excitement, noise, laughter and presence for anyone looking around the room going, “hmmnn…. what should I do today?” Don’t go play outside. It’s just too hot in the Belly of the Golden Triangle, Texas style. Just drop on in to the bears and see what’s brewing and as always, thanks for peeling back your eyelids and raising that blood pressure with us today.

Today’s small contribution is a musical one. Tired of your ever-growing cd/mp3 collection? Well try adding Mark Lanegan’s “The Winding Sheet” album from the great 1990. This link will bring you to youtube since that’s the only place I could find where you can listen to the album in it’s gorgeous entirety instead of a bleak and confusing 20-30 second clip leaving your blue lip bubbling for more. Scroll down to the bottom and start with “Mockingbirds”, or just click on that link I just made, heh. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are in an N’Sync kind of mood or Rollins Band one, you may want to wait til you calm down some. It’s meant for a good relaxing connection. A great soundtrack for some occasional thinking time.



  1. aquasac says:

    High up in a jet plane with you…

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